Jamie Foxx Pulls Man Out of a Burning Car

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Jamie Foxx is basically a superhero.

The 48-year-old Oscar winner helped a man a need when a car accident happened just outside his home in Hidden Valley, Calif.

According to TMZ, a vehicle had skidded on wet pavement and flipped upside down just a stone’s throw from Foxx’s house on Monday night (Jan. 18, 2016). Foxx, who reportedly heard the crash, ran to the scene and helped the driver unbuckle his seatbelt before dragging him 30 feet away from the site. The actor had called 911 before arriving to the scene.

Reports say that Foxx jumped in to help the driver because he was afraid the car would explode while the man was still inside. The victim is said to have suffered major injuries and severe burns.

Facebook group Safety for Citizen shared photos from the scene, writing:

JAMIE FOXX SAVES DRIVER FROM BURNING CAR IN HIDDEN VALLEY: This time it’s not acting for the camera, but the outcome is…

Posted by Safety for Citizens on Monday, January 18, 2016

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