LISTEN: Justin Bieber Releases New Song, Will Free Fall Through Metaphorical Mistakes on Tour


New news on the Justin Bieber front: His new music seemingly didn’t end with the release of PurposeThe “Sorry” artist dropped a new song entitled “I’ll Be There” on his YouTube account. It’s a dancey, bass-heavy track that promises his loyalty to [insert bae-of-the-moment] no matter the distance. Bieber also lyrically meditates on the powerful incline of the seats in his Maybach, which is illustrated in the supplementary image to the song:

CREDIT: Composite: Justin Bieber/TinyPic

TMZ reports that Bieber’s upcoming Purpose tour will open with a projection screen displaying “abstract visuals of Justin falling through a dark, clouded atmosphere”. “He will be screaming, reaching and possibly passing through barriers as he descends into the dark unknown,” says the report. “During the fall, the audience will hear Justin’s voice, describing the fall he’s taken in his journey. Justin has an epiphany, which reverses his trajectory and he flies ‘gracefully and slowly toward the heavens’.”


Listen to “I’ll Be There” in the video at the top of the page.