Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Surprise Fans at ‘Deadpool’ Screening

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Ryan Reynolds knows the secret to a woman's heart.

Things got Lively at a screening for the new film Deadpool! That’s right, Blake Lively and the film’s star Ryan Reynolds stopped by a surprise screening of his new Marvel movie in New York last night.

“Well, that went well,” the charming actor captioned his Instagram pic from the night. “Surprising an entire theater full of people with an early screening of #Deadpool.”

Theatergoers at the event were only expecting to see a few clips from the movie, but Reynolds and the film’s creators decided to go a step further.

“I know we were going to be showing you guys some footage but … hell, you wanna just see the whole film? Let’s just show you the whole movie!” Reynolds reportedly told the awestruck crowd.

The film tells the story of a smart-aleck former Special Forces operative who undergoes a dangerous surgery giving him accelerated healing powers.

The wisecracking superhero arrives in theaters on February 12.