Dr. Miami Defends ‘Teen Mom 2’ Stars Decision to go Under the Knife

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Kailyn Lowry
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“There is no way to improve what they wanted to improve through the gym.”

On Sunday, Teen Mom 2 stars, Kailyn Lowry, 23, Briana, 21, and BritneyDeJesus, 24, all underwent plastic surgery procedures ranging from breast augmentation to Brazilian butt lift. After their surgeries were broadcast on social media by their surgeon, Dr. Michael Salzhauer aka Dr. Miami, the teen mom’s met serious backlash from people who thought they were too young to undergo such a major body transformation. Now, their surgeon is coming to their defense, insisting age had nothing to do with their decision.

“All three girls had different issues with their bodies that they’d been dealing with, and really there is no way to improve what they wanted to improve through the gym,” Dr. Miami told People.  “People look at women in their early 20s having plastic surgery and they say, ‘Oh they’re too young for that,’ but really that’s not true, it’s not about age. It’s about what has your body been through and what can we do to improve it.”

The surgeon continued, pointing out because they had children at a young age, their stories are different than most people who decide to go under the knife, “If you have kids when you’re a late teen and you’re done having kids, at least for a while – you pretty much missed your whole teenage years.”