WATCH: Jamie Fox Meets the Father of the Man Whose Life He Saved

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No heroes…Just happy fathers.”

On Monday (Jan. 18, 2016) night, Jamie Foxx proved he’s not just a hero on the big screen, but in real life too. When a driver crashed his car which then rolled and burst into flames in front of his house, Foxx sprung into action and with the help of another citizen, freed the driver from his burning car.

While Foxx is remaining humble about his heroic act, yesterday, the actor had the chance to meet the father of the man whose life he saved, and it was an emotional moment for both men.

Police identified the victim as 32-year-old, Kyle Brett, who they say was driving under the influence when he hit a drainage ditch causing the fiery accident. Brett’s father was in tears when he expressed his gratitude for Foxx to ABC 7, “It doesn’t matter to me who it was, or what they do for a living. Just the idea that someone would do that is almost more than I can fathom.”

ABC 7 reports that Brett is currently in the hospital with major head, chest, and neck trauma, but is expected to survive.

Launch the video up top to watch the emotional moment.