These Pics of Matt Bomer and Dan Stevens Are Perfection

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Dan Stevens Poses for Giorgio Armani
CREDIT: Giorgio Armani

Take in all the dapper, black-and-white hotness!

Today, Armani released their new Made to Measure campaign featuring the chiseled faces of Matt Bomer and Dan Stevens. Both men are shown in perfectly tailored suits and shot in classic black and white.

Dan Stevens Poses for Armani
CREDIT: Giorgio Armani

Stevens, known for his role on Downton Abbey, sits casually on a stool center stage while Bomer covers part of his face as if deep in thought, looking like a modern Adonis. Both of these guys just exude sexiness!

Matt Bomer Poses for Armani
CREDIT: Giorgio Armani

“The shoot conveys a new spirit of tailor-made: informal yet impeccable, a look that is for those who desire to appear naturally distinguished, regardless of the time of day,” Giorgio Armani said in a statement.