WATCH: Kris Jenner Has the ‘Dumbest’ Idea Ever

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Apparently Kris Jenner DASHed off with something that belonged to Kim Kardashian, and her daughter wants her due!

This doesn’t sound like it’ll go over well.

Anyone who watches Keeping Up With The Kardashians knows, the girls cannot live without their electronics, more specifically their cellphones. Many scenes of KUWTK feature every member of the Kardashian/Jenner family standing around on their phones. Their phone addictions are so serious, Kim Kardashian hoards Blackberry’s that she buys off of eBay for fear they’ll go extinct.

Well, it looks like their world is about to come crashing down, because if Kris Jenner has anything to do with it, there are about to be some major changes. In the latest preview clip for Sunday’s episode of KUWTK, Jenner explains that she wants the family to meet with a communications professional to try and convince the girls to get off of the phone.

“You’re never not on your phone,” Jenner laments to Kim and Khloe Kardashian. Later, the momager reveals the cellphone addiction is beginning to affect business, “I’m so sick and tired of them not listening and having Khloe telling me to cancel events,” she confessed. “As her manager, it’s not professional.”

At first, Kim and Khloe don’t even know what their mom is talking about because well, they’re on their phones. But once Jenner explains it again, the sisters are not here for it. “That’s the dumbest thing [I’ve] ever heard in my life,” Kim insists.

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