Jenna Dewan Tatum Had Less Than a Week to Prepare for Her ‘Lip Sync Battle’ Performance

Definitely not enough time to process the fact that you’ll be sharing the stage with Beyoncé.

Jenna Dewan Tatum crushed Channing Tatum’s “Pony” in her epic Lip Sync Battle performance last week. It was seamless, down to her painted-on abs and legendary lap dance finale. However, she tells Yahoo! Health that her road to the battle was anything but smooth. “That show is amazing, but they shoot all their shows all at once in a couple weeks,” says Jenna. “They called us, we had about five days to figure out songs, what we’re doing, find the wardrobe, do the entire thing. So, it was like total, fun chaos for a couple days here in the house.”

Creative chaos is something that the Step Up star is used to, coming from a background in dance. “In general, for me, a big thing in my life has been just sort of learning what true self-esteem is and what true positive self-image is,” she tells Yahoo. “And being a dancer, and growing up in that world, you’re so focused on yourself, and you’re so focused on achieving goals, on finding perfection, and working on your craft. And I’ve realized as I got older that part of my power and influence is when I focus on asking the bigger questions, about why are we here, how am I impacting others around me, how am I serving others.”

This moment has served us all well to a point of long-term fulfillment.


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