Khloe Kardashian Reveals Who’s the Biggest Drunk in Her Family

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It’s exactly who you think it is.

Seeing as Khloe Kardashian just kicked off her own talk show titled, Kocktails with Khloe, you’d think her guest would come ready to get plastered, including her entire family. Well, it turns out, there’s only one person Khloe can count on to throw back a couple of shots, and it’s exactly who you’re thinking of.

Khloe opened up about her family’s drinking habits to Elle and revealed the majority of her family member don’t even enjoy drinking. “Kimberly does not drink alcohol whatsoever,” Khloe, said of her the new mother of two. “Pregnant or not, she’s just never been into it.”

Kim’s not the only one, Khloe insists her underage sisters don’t drink despite what many people think of them. She isn’t the only sister to abstain. “Kendall and Kylie are not into it,” Khloé admitted. “Even when Kendall goes to Europe where the drinking age is 18, she’s never — Kendall’s really focused and determined.”

Khloe confessed that while Kourtney used to drink a lot more when she was in college, motherhood has really changed her. “She’s literally been pregnant for, like, six years or breastfeeding,” Khloe joked. “So I think that has obviously changed her life now. But during Christmas Eve when we’re having a party, she still has, like, a glass of champagne. No one’s hardcore.”

Luckily, Khloe can always count on mama Kris Jenner to get the party started. “My mom has a drink every night with dinner. That’s her thing, and that’s what she loves to do,” Khloe said, before telling a story about a time Jenner got a little too drunk. “During my test show, my mother had one too many drinks,” Khloé spilled. “So she was really hard to reel back in. But it was a great test.”

While Jenner relies on her nightly glass of vino, Khloe is a little more hard core. “I don’t like the taste of alcohol like that, so if I drink, I drink for intent,” she said. “Like, I don’t care to just have a glass of wine. No, I want to get f–king buzzed or drunk. That’s the point … It’s like, I’m normally good, but when I’m ready, I’m going to drink my vodka or shots. I’m going to drink.”