No One Ever Thought Anna Faris Was Funny

And look who’s laughing now.

Anna Faris is at the top of her comedy game. In addition to her success starring with Allison Janney on Mom, the comedienne is taking hold of her career from the comfort of her living room. She’s podcasting now, along with everybody else, but her take on the medium is refreshing. Faris admits in the title of her show that she is completely unqualified, with a capital ‘U’.

Her guests thus far have included Janney, Aubrey Plaza and Rosie O’Donnell, with special guest appearances from Jennifer Lawrence and her husband Chris Pratt. Discussion encompasses topics including insecurity and Michael Rapaport’s ‘leaky dick’.

With this podcast, it’s just been amazing because I get to have a sense over control on how I’m perceived,” she tells Celebuzz in an exclusive interview. “I know I’m a little graphic—that wasn’t my intention. I love the idea of my celebrity friends and people who I admire being able to come to my house and sit in my living room and talk to people about their lives as opposed to feeling the pressure about talking about their own lives.”

We’re under a little personal scrutiny about our lives, so it’s like this is a comfortable forum to be able to be like, ‘Let’s talk about somebody else in a caring, generous way.'”

Owning up to her unqualified-ness upon setting out to achieve personal ambitions has worked out to her advantage. “When I began my first big job, which was Scary Movie, I never ever thought about comedy [as a career],” she said. “Nobody in my life ever thought I was funny. Everyone thought I took myself way too seriously. I never just thought of that as a potential journey.”

Though her parents supported her through and through, Faris blames her own “Seattle cynicism” as a blockade from leaping into the industry that has granted her, as she puts it, “the courage to make a complete ass out of yourself”. 

But I ended up in comedy, and still feeling completely unqualified for being a part of that world, but I’m also really grateful because I think it made me a happier person and a more fulfilled person.”

Now, Faris is teaming up with Lays to put America in charge of making their all-important potato chip decisions. The Flavor Swap competition lets fans choose between new flavors and classic flavors, divided into four different categories to determine which ones will stay on the shelves. Her snack spokesmanship comes just in time for Super Bowl 50, for which her husband has been helping her prepare little by little throughout the season.

“I told Chris, I asked him, ‘Please, honey. I need to learn more about football. Could you just please give me one rule per game? I cannot absorb anything more than that.’”

Instead of making her decide on a flavor to represent herself, we let Faris delegate other celebrities into Lays’ flavor brackets based on their personalities in a game called, “Barbeque, Heat, or Cheese“.

  • President Barack Obama: “Barbeque.”
  • Albert Einstein: “Ooh. I think I’m gonna go cheese, but I wish there could be a combo because his intellect is just…”
  • Allison Janney: “She is ALL heat.”
  • Aubrey Plaza: “I’m gonna go barbeque. Tangy.”
  • Meryl Streep: “Hm. I feel like you might think that she’s cheese, but I think she’s barbeque.”
  • Chris Pratt: “My husband! Now he’s not so complicated because you think that he’s cheese, but then he can transition right into barbeque and then straight to jalapeño too. On the page, you think he’s one thing. Turns out, the more you chew, the more you see it.”

Launch the gallery above to see Anna at the NYC launch of Lays Flavor Swap. Vote for your favorite flavor at, and listen to “Anna Faris is Unqualified” here.