Jon Hamm Technically Doesn’t Have Two Golden Globes

Yep, he actually only has one.

Thanks to an awkward spelling error made by the Hollywood Foreign Press, Jon Hamm, the man who supposedly won two Golden Globes for his portrayal of Don Draper on Mad Men, is technically a one-time winner.

As revealed in a recent interview with Vanity Fair, his first Golden Globe award, which he won in 2008, was misspelled and was attributed to John Hamm.

“Guys, there’s no H,” he recalled thinking when his statue came in the mail. (He couldn’t attend the actual awards as the writers’ strike was happening at the time.)

What’s worse? Seven years later, Hamm is still waiting for his replacement plaque with the right spelling.

“I haven’t gotten the little plaque to stick on the new one yet,” he said, suggesting that they can credit him as “Jonathan” in the future.

Hamm won his second Golden Globe this January. During his speech, the actor thanks showrunner Matthew Weiner, “who wrote this horrible person [Draper] all the way through to the end of this incredible ride and picked me to play him,” before jokingly adding that he was glad the writers did “not [take] my suggestion and ending the entire series on [band] Chumbawamba. You picked the right song. Thank you so much.”

Don’t worry, Jackie Jormp-Jomp. You’ll always be a winner in our hearts.