Don’t Get Your Hopes Up or Anything, But Rihanna’s ‘ANTI’ May Finally Be Finished

Rihanna and Drake
Hear what some are saying is a snippet of their new collaboration.

Is Rihanna finally about to drop her long-awaited eighth studio album?

The still-retired singer would like us to believe that, yes, at last, ANTI is coming. Earlier this morning (Jan. 25, 2016), Rihanna shared a photo of herself wearing a gold, bejeweled crown-slash-headphone combo with the caption: “listening to ANTI *red balloon emoji*” Here, see for yourself:

A side note: her ostentatious headphones are Dolce & Gabbana and will set you back a neat $8,895. So affordable!!!

It does not require one to take an incredible leap in order to assume this means the album is complete. After all, Bad Gal is headed out on tour starting next month. Her tour being called The ANTI World Tour, it would make sense that the album of the same name would see release. Then again, Rihanna sometimes doesn’t like to play by the rules.

Rumors of a new Rihanna album have been vague yet persistent for years. Beginning in 2005, Rihanna released a new album (or a major re-release with new songs) every year until 2012. But since 2012’s Unapologetic: nothing.  She began releasing singles almost exactly one year ago, but each month of 2015 brought with it the disheartening realization that we still had no new Rihanna album. Now, more than three years after her last effort, it seems the wait may finally be close to over. Will ANTI live up to the insane hype? That remains to be seen. The underperformance of her three 2015 singles is not exactly confidence-inspiring, though the news that she filmed a video with Drake is a bright ray of hope. At this point, whether it’s good or bad, she just needs to release it. And it sounds like she’s about to do just that. Finally.