Chris Hemsworth Chooses Miley Cyrus in a Game of ‘Would You Rather’

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This is basically a confirmation, right?

Ever since Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth were spotted locking lips over New Years, rumors have been swirling about a reconciliation. The rumors were all but confirmed, when just a few weeks later, Cyrus was spotted flaunting the engagement ring from when Liam’s original proposal in 2012 on that finger. But until we hear it from the couple themselves, it’s still just speculation, that is unless we hear it from Liam’s brother.

Chris Hemsworth
CREDIT: Courtesy of Diane Bondareff/Invision for Tourism Australia

Last night at a gala celebrating his new role as Australia’s tourism ambassador, Chris Hemsworth wasn’t able to avoid the inevitable question about his brother’s rumored re-engagement to the singer. “I’m happy if he’s happy, whatever he’s doing in life,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “I can’t confirm any of that but, you know, he’s smart [and] he’s happy

While he wouldn’t confirm or deny their relationship, later that night he did show where his loyalties lie. During a game of “Would You Rather”, where he revealed he’d rather a romantic date night with his wife Elsa Pataky over a day of surfing, go to the beach naked rather than in his Thor costume, an Oscar over surfing the biggest wave in Australia and the chance to perform with Cyrus rather than KISS. Hemsworth joked the last question was “tricky” but quickly chose his possible future sister-in-law over the rock band.

And for the record, when asked if he would rather dance naked for Donald Trump, or have the presidential candidate dance naked for him, he answered with a resounding, neither.

Tourism Australia alongside its newest global ambassador Australian actor Chris Hemsworth, has launched its latest campaign, which is focused on highlighting the country’s world-class aquatic and coastal experiences, in a bid to lure more international visitors to Australia.

Guests at the event were treated to immersive ‘virtual reality’ displays and aquatic-themed images being projected onto the ice rink at the iconic Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park alongside the reveal of a new broadcast ad, featuring a voiceover by Australian actor and new Tourism Australia global ambassador Chris Hemsworth, which you can view below.