WATCH: John Legend’s Daughter Might Have to Wait to Get Her Own Song

There’s one crucial step to be made before the byproduct of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend can get a tune of her own.

The impending father was all smiles in discussing his daughter’s arrival to Us Weekly at the Sundance Film Festival on Sunday, Jan. 24. “We’re really excited to have our first child,” says Legend. “This is a new experience for both of us.”

Male or female, Legend is just happy to cherish the “product” of his love with Teigen. “I’m excited to teach her and love her and do all the things that good parents do,” he tells Us.

The Grammy-winning singer has been trying to work on a song for his daughter, but reveals that it’s harder than he imagined. “Part of me thinks, maybe I just have to see her before I can write it,” says Legend. “But I’ve been trying to think about what fatherhood means and what I should say to her.”

Legend, the executive producer on an upcoming historical series on WGN about the Underground Railroad called Undergroundexpressed his opinion on the recent Oscar’s controversy surrounding the Academy and their lack in diversity.

“I think sometimes the controversy comes when we look and see all these acting nominees and none of them are people of color, then you look at the Academy and it’s very few women, very few people of color and you realize that there’s a lot of progress that still needs to be made,” he says. “I think the Academy made a big step in making progress by making the change in the membership and the voting rules this week so they can diversify the ranks and bring in some new blood.”

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