Rob Kardashian Moves in with Blac Chyna, Starts Kardashian Family War

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“Never go against THE family.”

Rob Kardashian has been in a deep, secluded depression for as long as anyone can remember, and now it seems like he’s finally finding his way out, there’s only one problem. His new found life motivation comes in the form of his brand new girlfriend, Blac Chyna, which is creating more than just a little tension in his family.

Early reports suggested while the Kardashian/Jenner klan wasn’t pleased with Rob’s relationship, they were trying to be supportive of Rob’s decisions, but now that he’s moved in with his new boo, all bets are off. Roblac (their celeb relationship name apparently) has started an all out Kardashian family war.

TMZ reports Rob, who had previously been living with Khloe Kardashian, moved in with Chyna five days ago, and his decision comes with some dire consequences. Khloe has effectively shut the doors in her brother’s face, despite the fact that they’ve been roommates on and off for close to six years.

Khloe hinted at the betrayal in an Instagram post last night, and it seems like even Kanye West is over Rob’s antics.

Never go against THE Family. I love Yeezy’s studio speeches!!

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Even though it seems like Chyna has been nothing but a good influence on Rob, encouraging him to work out and get healthy, his sister’s are not skeptical of Chyna’s intentions. Given Chyna’s tumultuous past with the Kardashian family, they believe she is “playing into his insecurities” for her own gain.