This Is Why Hilary Duff Will Never Give Any Parenting Advice to Her Sister Haylie

When it comes giving parenting advice to fellow mothers, Hilary and Haylie Duff’s lips are sealed.

As matriarchs themselves, the sisters aren’t so keen on telling other moms what to do. In fact, they admittedly don’t even give each other advice on how to take care of their kids.

“We really don’t push advice on each other anymore. We really focus on just being there for each other.” Haylie, who welcomed daughter Ryan with fiancé Matt Rosenberg last year, tells us exclusively.

According to Haylie, her younger sis is more about walking that walk than talking that talk. Explaining how Hilary has been a big help in her life, Haylie says Hilary dedicates herself to being there physically than telling people what to do.

“In the first few weeks of having Ryan, when I would be so exhausted or I didn’t know what to do, she would just come and be at the house and just help me,” Haylie says. “She would just hold [Ryan] if she needed to or just swaddle her if she needed to.”

“I think just being there and being supportive without pushing your way on other moms or new moms is the best thing that you can do,” she continues. “We don’t really give each other advice when it comes to stuff like that. We try to just support how the other feels. If I ask her for advice, she would tell me, but she’s just really great at being a really supportive listener too.”

As a recent partner with Larabar and Feeding America to help give food banks access to wholesome food, Haylie says cooking and feeding her own family is a big aspect of her life. Though the Real Girl’s Kitchen host says her daughter is “not so into a ton of different foods yet,” the tiny tot is developing quite the palette.

“I gave her puree chicken for the first time and she was not a fan. In fact, she recoiled, spat it out at me, and chugged her sippy cup of water,” Haylie tells us, laughing. “She was very overly dramatic about it. But she loves yogurt. She loves cottage cheese. She loves obviously any fruit she can get her hands on — anything sweet.”

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She adds, “I’m actually hoping as she gets a little bigger, she’ll be more open to different flavors. But, as of now, she’s got some likes and dislike. She’ll definitely eat some veggies if they’re mix into things.”

As for food at her own wedding? While the 30-year-old admits her plans have been put on hold ever since baby Ryan came into the picture, she says everyone will be fed “really well” at the reception. (And yes, sister Hilary will definitely be there!)

It’s so funny because we have a daughter and it feels like we’re married [already].” Haylie says of the planning process. “So it feels silly saying ‘my fiancé’ or ‘engaged.’ We talked about getting married all the time. We’re not planning anything. We just are kind of like being right now.”

“We’re really loving this phase with Ryan and I think as soon as life isn’t so crazy, then we’re gonna focus on it again,” she explains. “Right now, we’re just kinda enjoying our new family.”