What’s Ryan Reynolds Doing with All of These Dogs?

Blessings on blessings.

Those who prefer aesthetics over sports will rejoice in the news that Ryan Reynolds and a flock of dogs will be featured in Hyundai commercials during Super Bowl 50.

Reynolds will star alongside comedian Kevin Hart in four commercials throughout the game. The first, entitled “First Dates”, will air during the coveted pre-kick time slot, where Hart does what every dad in America will envy to ensure his daughter gets home safely.

Also, dogs.

CREDIT: Hyundai Motor America

“Part stuntman, part over-protective dad, altogether hysterically funny,” says Eric Springer, Chief Creative Officer of INNOCEAN. “There will be plenty of beer coming out of people’s noses this Super Bowl thanks to Kevin being in this spot.”

Reynolds proved to be almost too good on set. “Ryan gave us so many funny moments, we could have made five more commercials,” said Barney Goldberg, VP, Group Creative Director of INNOCEAN.

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