WATCH: Wiz Khalifa Responds to Kanye West on Stage: ‘F*** Kanye’

Amber Rose: Kanye's a 'F***ing Clown'
Amber Rose went off on Kanye West for going off on her.

Wiz clapped back!

The rapper was in Argentina for a performance and he decided to take the opportunity to respond to Kanye West’s insults. While performing “Taylor Gang”, Wiz Khalifa shouted “Fuck Kanye!” After West’s long, stream-of-conscious Twitter rant, which insulted Wiz, his son and his ex-wife Amber Rose, you gotta appreciate his brevity.

This all began with a misunderstanding on Twitter when Wiz commented on Kanye’s new album title, Waves. Wiz tweeted this statement, seemingly attempting to make peace with Kanye.

Although KK is Wiz’s own signature strain of weed, it’s also Kim Kardashian’s initials. What followed was a blistering attack from Kanye. Since, West has acknowledged the misunderstanding, but something tells us this isn’t the end of the story…