Rihanna’s ‘ANTI’ Is Already Platinum (But There’s a Catch)

Our 'ANTI' Review
The ANTIclimactic arrival of ANTI.

Rihanna’s long-awaited ANTI didn’t have to wait long to go platinum.

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) just announced that Rihanna’s eighth studio album ANTI, has been certified platinum, meaning that a million copies have been sold (shipped, actually). Impressive, right?

Well, not as impressive as it seems at first glance. See, you will remember that Rihanna and TIDAL gave ANTI away for free for a spell yesterday. They accomplished this by having Samsung, a sponsor of Rihanna’s upcoming ANTI World Tour, purchase one million copies of the album. Those copies were then given away to people who supplied TIDAL with an email address. In short: the album is “platinum” because one million people downloaded it free-of-charge. (Think back to 2013: Jay Z pulled a similar stunt during the release of Magna Carta Holy Grail, also with Samsung.) Adele’s record is safe.

It remains to be seen how this ploy will affect ANTI’s chart position on the Billboard Album 200. When Jay Z gave Magna Carta away for free, none of those copies counted toward the album’s chart position. It remains unclear whether or not that will be the case with ANTI as well.

Anyway, ANTI is officially available to purchase on iTunes now. In a week, we’ll see how many copies it actually sells. It’s currently No. 1 on the iTunes album chart, which, considering one million people already nabbed it for free, is still pretty impressive.