Sia Releases New Album, Is Engulfed in Giant Bow on Live Television

Oh, Sia.

The Australian singer-songwriter celebrated Friday’s debut of her latest album, This Is Acting, with a live performance on Good Morning Americaall tied up in bows.

She’s the last to laugh though, as her latest compilation is a collection of songs that she wrote for other artists including Rihanna who decided to pass.

“It’s a good experiment to see if I’m right, because I felt like they were good songs but nobody was picking up on them,” Sia told GMA. “And then I thought, ‘Well, I’m in this luxury position where I can just experiment. I don’t have to be successful because I’m already making money from their pop songs that I’m writing, so I can afford to experiment with my own stuff.'”

Sia praised the benefits of covering her face with wigs and mutant bows in order to maintain privacy when she’s off-stage.

“I don’t need security detail, I don’t need anything special,” she said. “I just walk around. I can do that. That’s a real luxury when you’re in my industry.”

Watch her performance of “Reaper” on Good Morning America in the video at the top of the page. Purchase her album on Amazon, stream it on Amazon Music (Prime members get it free), or stream it on Spotify.