WATCH: Wendy Williams Takes Aim at Kim Kardashian in Kanye West Vs. Amber Rose Twitter Feud

Wendy on T-Swift
Wendy Williams believes Taylor Swift is the new “Queen of the Mean."

Talk show host Wendy Williams threw her two cents into the whole Kanye West versus Amber Rose versus Wiz Khalifa Twitter situation on her show Thursday.

Williams explained that Wiz’s reference to “KK” was actually “Khalifa Kush” and not a dig at West’s wife, Kim Kardashian.

It was this “KK” reference that caused Kanye to post a series of replies on Twitter, those which included digs at the rappers’ shared ex, Amber Rose.

Adding her commentary on the situation, Wendy defends Rose by saying of her being a stripper, “you’re not saying about anything she hasn’t admitted herself.”

She then took aim at Kim Kardashian when she says, “By the way, we recall meeting your wife on her back,” referring to the reality TV star’s sex tape with Ray J that first made her a household name.