Tori Spelling Disses Mom Candy to Lena Dunham in Interview

Tori Spelling Sued
Tori Spelling's deep in the hole with American Express.

In an interview with Lena Dunham, Tori Spelling went into detail about her notoriously “complicated” relationship with her mother, Candy Spelling.

Lena prefaces her interview with Tori by describing mom Candy as “our nation’s foremost Mommy Dearest.”

Tori confessed to Dunham for an article for the Lenny Letter that when she first discovered she was pregnant with her daughter, she thought, “Fuck. I am screwed,” adding, “I’m going to repeat the past. This is just the way it goes.”

However, Tori Claims that what she’s doing differently with her daughters, Stella and Hattie, is engaging in the kind of physical contact her mother shied away from.

As Tori explains it:

My instinct was touch. I just wanted to hug [Stella] and hold her and tell her how beautiful she was and make eye contact. Because that wasn’t done with me a lot, it was foreign.