Azealia Banks Will Not Go to Jail for Attacking a Nightclub Bouncer (This Time)

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It’s the little victories.

Azealia Banks will not be facing criminal charges for the instance in which she assaulted a bouncer at Break 86 nightclub. TMZ reports that the LAPD passed on her case based on a lack of evidence to support the claim even though the scuffle was caught on surveillance cameras.

“Law enforcement sources who’ve seen the video footage say it’s unclear who the aggressor was in the brawl and since the bouncer didn’t have any injuries,” says the tabloid.

Banks is awaiting the sentence on her boob-biting incident from December when she physically assaulted a female bouncer at Up & Down nightclub and used her alleged spot on Rihanna‘s then-forthcoming ANTI as a citing of credibility.

She is not featured on ANTI.

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