Ben Stiller Is So Fashion Right Now, Lands Cover of Actual Fashion Magazine (Again)

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Ben Stiller. He’s so hot right now. Ben Stiller.

This Zoolander star is taking his fashion game über seriously. Over the weekend, Stiller and his co-star Owen Wilson were spotted posing as mannequins in Valentino’s shop window in Rome.

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The duo has been touring Europe to promote Zoolander 2, in theaters on Feb. 12, with Will Ferrell and co-writer Justin Theroux. However, Stiller has made his mark stateside by landing the February cover of V Man, inside discussing the inspiration behind Zoolander’s sequel.

“I saw the Valentino documentary [The Last Emperor], and it occurred to me that Rome would give us the opportunity to add a crazy Italian movie vibe to the film,” says Stiller. “We wanted it intentionally over complicated, like The Da Vinci Code.” Hopefully Zoolander 2 will at least be a little easier to follow, plotwise, though.”

Stiller was also featured as Zoolander on February’s cover of Vogue.

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