David Beckham Is So Hot That He Has 5 Different ‘British GQ’ Covers

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Five times the Becks. Five times the hotness.

David Beckham — also known as 2015’s Sexiest Man Alive — is so friggin’ hot that British GQ is honoring the soccer star with not one, not two, but five covers for its March 2016 issue. Appropriately, some of the editions feature the 40-year-old shirtless, semi-shirtless, or just plain showing off his rock hard bod for all to see.

According to the publication, they were inspired by an exhibition of Beckham’s portraits at London’s Phillips Galleries and decided to use a feature photos of the dad-of-four through the years for the front of their magazine.

“David Beckham really has a golden aura about him these days, a star quality burnished by a dedication to self-improvement, a savvy series of brand endorsements and the not inconsiderable fact that the public as a whole appear to have taken him to their hearts,” British GQ editor Dylan Jones explains. “As for this special issue, when we saw the scale of the project at Phillips and the wealth of images being auctioned – including some iconic ones that had been shot for us at GQ – we couldn’t wait to get involved.”

The issue hits newsstands Feb. 4. For now, check out all of Becks’ covers — below.