Bill Cosby Arrives to First Court Hearing, Believes He Will Not Be Prosecuted

He’s hoping to talk his way out of this one.

Bill Cosby arrived to a Pennsylvania courtroom on Tuesday morning (Feb. 2, 2016) for his first hearing on criminal charges of sexual assault to determine whether the case of Andrea Constand will go to trial.

Cosby’s defense team claims that the former Montgomery County district attorney made a deal with the Cosby Show star in 2005 that promised that he would not be prosecuted. According to TMZ, the former D.A. is scheduled to testify on behalf of Cosby and consent that he made the promise not to prosecute. However, the current D.A. says that “only a judge can grant immunity and that his predecessor left open the door to prosecuting Cosby in the future” [via NBC News].

Cosby arrived to the courthouse with a cane, steadied by two body guards.

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We will continue to update the story as more details become available.