Kim Kardashian Has No Idea Where She’s Going

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Red carpet? Gym? Antartica?

Yesterday (Feb. 1, 2016), just hours before Kim Kardashian literally stopped time and space by hanging out with her sworn nemesis Amber Rose, she was just a little confused by where she was going. You see typically, you leave your home with a destination in mind and depending on the weather, dress accordingly. But Kardashian’s leggings, baseball cap, fur coat, and stacked heels combo has us more than just a little confused.

Kardashian is clearly leaving the gym, right? Or headed to a red carpet affair? Or maybe even a journey to the North Pole (sorry, as a born and bred New Yorker, I am hard pressed to believe anyone in L.A. needs a fur coat). To confuse things even further, Kardashian stepped out without her signature contour. As a matter of fact, she wasn’t wearing one stitch of makeup, which makes me wonder if she even knew she was leaving her house at all.

Either Kanye West is clearing out his wife’s closet again, or Kardashian is hellbent on fucking with us. I’m going to go with a little combination of both.

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