Kanye West Keeps Expectations Low, Says Untitled Album Is Not The Greatest of All Time

Humble Kanye?

Kanye West’s album doesn’t even have a name yet, and it’s already caused some major drama. West’s original album name changed from “Swish” to “Waves” and started the greatest Twitter feud of all time, then Kim Kardashian polled her followers on what the album should be named, including an entirely new title “So Help Me God.” But it’ll all be worth it because this is bound the be the greatest album of all time, right?

Well not to fast.

While humble is not an adjective most people use to describe the rapper, that’s exactly what he was last night when he admitted his album won’t be THE greatest album of all time.

Humble looks good on West, but, don’t expect it to last too long. Yeezy sz 3 is upon us.



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