Kesha’s Mom and Manager Win Small Victory in Legal Battle with Dr. Luke

Kesha and her mother have reason to celebrate, but the legal woes aren’t over.

The pop star, her mother and her manager received some good news today. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the judge dropped the Dr. Luke’s lawsuit against Kesha’s mother Pebe Sebert as well as a suit filed against Jack Rovner, Kesha’s manager, claiming he had been attempting to take greater control of the singer’s career.

On Tuesday, Sebert tweeted that the producer was trying to blackmail her by no longer paying the 15 other songwriters on the 2013 Pitbull song “Timber” if she didn’t give up her credit on the track.

Dr. Luke’s case against Sebert was concerning defamatory claims Kesha’s mother made after the singer sued Dr. Luke for sexual assault and abuse.

Kesha’s day in court is February 19; then hopefully she’ll have an injunction granted that will allow her to make music without Dr. Luke or his label.