WATCH: Steven Avery’s Brother Reveals New Details About the Night Teresa Halbach was Murdered

This could change everything.

Steven Avery’s case is beginning to pick up steam again, and with a new attorney on his side, new evidence surrounding the night of Teresa Halbach’s murder is starting to surface. The newest piece of evidence comes from Steven’s own brother Earl, who Steven once believe to be Halbach’s real murderer.

Access Hollywood joined Earl and the entire Avery family as they watched the Dateline NBC special on Avery, and like many of us, he thinks some things just don’t add up. “If somebody’s gonna slice somebody’s throat, you know, there’s gonna be blood – something,” Earl said. “And they say they cleaned up in the garage, but there’s all dust and everything all over everything. How do you clean up and then put the dust back?”

Furthermore, there’s something crucial Earl remembers from the night of Halbach’s murder. According to Earl, the photographer’s car, which was eventually found on the Avery property, wasn’t there on the night she went missing.”We drove right through [where] that car was supposed to be,” he insisted. “It wasn’t there that night of the 31st. We were rabbit hunting.” Earl said he told law enforcement at the time, but they never did anything with the information.

The Avery family is hopeful that Steven’s new attorney Katherine Zellner will bring Steven home. “She was very determined to do what needs to be done right now,” Avery’s niece, Brittany, told Access Hollywood.