Zayn Malik’s Album Release Date Just So Happens to Be His One Direction Breakup Anniversary

Coincidences happen…

Zayn Malik confirmed the status of his relationship with supermodel Gigi Hadid and revealed the release date of his upcoming album in an interview with Westwood One’s Zach Sang and the Gang radio show on Tuesday, Feb. 2.

“Was it cool to have your girlfriend in the video?” blatantly asked co-host Jillian Gutowitz in reference to his “Pillowtalk” music video.

“Yeah, that was cool,” said Malik. “That was something different … we enjoyed it. It was fun. We had a lot of fun on set.”

“No one easier to make out with than your own girlfriend, right?” Gutowitz persisted.

“Exactly,” said Malik. “I like what you’ve done there.”


Malik told the show that his upcoming album will debut on March 25, his breakup anniversary with One Direction, but swears that this wasn’t deliberate. “It just happens to coincide,” he said. “Maybe it’s a sign.”

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but he insisted that wasn’t planned. “It just happens to coincide,” he said. “Maybe it’s a sign.”