WATCH: Farrah Abraham Doesn’t Know Who Leonardo DiCaprio Is

Farrah Abraham doesn’t really get pop culture, does she?

In what could be the most cringe-worthy interview of all time, the porn star sex tape participant tries her best to assert that that she’s not a porn star — and that she somehow just got paid to star in an adult film (and its sequel) with an actual porn star — while promoting herself at a porn convention. Further awkwardness ensues when she starts explaining that she is in a “celebrity sex tape” and the reporter asks, “Um, who was the celebrity?” Oof.

Even when the interviewer throws out easy, non-porn related questions about Leonardo DiCaprio’s chances of winning an Oscar this year, Abraham is still left utterly confused by it all.

Given how poor ol’ Farrah once thought being a feminist means being a lesbian and that Trayvon Martin was a girl she met once, we’re not all that surprised by her lack of knowledge of how the world works.