Hilary Duff Flaunts Bikini Body While on Vacation With Her Ex-Huband Mike Comrie

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THIS is how you win a breakup.

Less than 24 hours after finalizing their divorce, Hilary Duff and her newly minted ex-husband Mike Comrie were spotted in Hawaii on a family vacation with their son Luca. Even though in the real world, planning a vacation with your ex is almost unheard of, it’s pretty common in Hollywood, a place where your ex-husband somehow morphs into your brother.

This isn’t the first time Duff and Comrie have been spotted together since splitting two years ago, in fact, the exes have remained pretty close since calling it quits. But this is the first time Duff has been spotted showing off her sick body in front of her ex. Although if I went on vacation with my ex, I’d probably do the same thing tbh.

Launch the gallery up top to see Duff and Comrie on vacation, and the actresses insane bikini body.