‘Queen of Snapchat’ Katie May Dies After Suffering Stroke

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CREDIT: Katie May, Instagram

Katie May, a Playboy model and social media superstar, passed away after suffering a stroke.

It was reported by TMZ on early Thursday (Feb. 4, 2016) that the 34-year old suffered a “catastrophic” stroke caused by a blockage in her carotid artery. News of her passing comes this morning from her family, via TMZ, explaining that she was taken off of life support on Thursday evening and passed away among family and loved ones.

The Sports Illustrated model was known as the “Queen of Snapchat” based on her social media following of nearly 2 million fans. She is survived by her 7-year-old daughter Mia, for whom the family has created a GoFundMe page. The description reads,

“Anyone who was lucky enough to know Katie May was truly blessed by her incredible heart, mind and soul. She was an inspiration and a guiding light to so many people in this world. Please help us by donating money to support her daughter. We want to raise as much money for her daughter’s living trust as possible to ensure she will always be taken care of. Her daughter was Katie’s whole life, so please help Katie and her family by donating money.”

New York Magazine reports that May had recently been complaining of neck pain to her family and had been seeking treatment for the ailment leading up to her stroke.

Visit May’s GoFundMe page here if you wish to offer a donation to her daughter.