Matt LeBlanc Confesses to ‘Dark Time’ After ‘Joey’ Cancellation

Not Such Close 'Friends'
Jennifer Aniston didn't invite Matt LeBlanc or Matthew Perry to her wedding.

Star of Friends, Matt LeBlanc, recently admitted that he nearly suffered from a “nervous breakdown” following the cancellation of his series, Joey in 2006.

After that time, the TV star says that he “barely left the house” for “years and years,” choosing instead to spend his time disguised with a Mohawk haircut on his California ranch.

Despite the financial success from starring in iconic TV comedy series, Friends, LeBlanc reveals to the Mirror that he was suffering from the end of his marriage and the challenges of raising a child with a severe brain condition.

However, now LeBlanc is set to be BBC’s new host for Top Gear and spends much of his time with his 11-year-old daughter, who grew out of her medical condition, cortical dysplasia.

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