Reese Witherspoon Says Social Media Has Made Her Less ‘Vulnerable’

Cuteness Overload
Reese Witherspoon holds a tiny Pig and discusses growing up.

Talking with Entertainment Weekly, Reese Witherspoon says that social media has helped her by giving her a voice against tabloid rumors.

Prior to social media, Witherspoon asserts that A-list actors and actresses were pretty much defenseless against publications printing stories that were untrue.

Reese tells EW:

I feel so much less vulnerable than I used to. There were so many tabloids saying all kinds of wrong things, and I feel like it’s almost all but gone. It still happens but it’s really silly at this point.

Having direct access to her fans has made Witherspoon feel more empowered to share information about her life.

Additionally, Reese was looking very stylish when she stepped out on Friday in a fashionable ensemble that included jeans, leather booties, sweater and a Western-style hat.