Angelina Jolie Reveals Three New Huge Tattoos on Her Back

Room for a few more?

Angelina Jolie unveiled some new body art on her upper back while filming a movie in Cambodia.

As you may recall, Brad Pitt’s wife already had some pretty big tattoos above and around her shoulder blade to begin with.

E! News reports:

The new ink joins her other famous tattoos, including a tiger on the bottom of her back, Cambodian writings on her left shoulder and the phrase “Know Your Rights” right below her neck. With the new additions, her back is now almost entirely covered in ink.

The new tattoos appeared to be in the yantra (or sak yant) tattoo style, a traditional Buddhist form of body art that originated in Southeast Asia. A source confirmed to People magazine they are Buddhist blessings for peace, love and a prosperous life. However, it is unclear if they were technically yantra tattoos or simply in that style.

See photos of Jolie’s new ink over on E! News…