The Best Movie Trailers from Super Bowl 50

The big game is over! Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers in a dramatic game. But, who are we kidding? Nobody watched the game. It was all about the music and the commercials!

While stuffing our faces with lil smokies and fancy cheeses on crackers, we caught more than a few trailers for some impressive-looking movies, and these are the best!

Captain America: Civil War – The final chapter of Captain America’s (Chris Evans) trilogy is teased in this new spot showcasing the bad blood between the leader of the Avengers and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.).

DeadpoolHeading to theaters this weekend, the latest promo for Ryan Reynold’s ultra-violent superhero passion project packs plenty of thrills.

Independence Day: ResurgenceJeff Goldblum is taking on intergalactic space invaders yet again in the sequel to ID4, this time with some help from heartthrob Liam Hemsworth!

10 Cloverfield LaneAlthough from a franchise set around a giant monster terrorizing New York a la Godzilla, as well as found footage, you’re not gonna find much of either in this claustrophobic follow-up featuring a trio waiting out…something in a bomb shelter.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2The wisecracking ninja turtles are back with their strange lips. Oh, and Megan Fox too!

The Secret Life of Pets – This is a who’s-who of comedy legends (Dana Carvey, Louis C.K. and Kevin Hart are just a few) voicing pets when the owners are away, and it looks fantastic.

X-Men: ApocalypseThe spot for the next X-Men adventure features a striking new villain in Apocalypse, not to mention Jennifer Lawrence and Michael Fassbender being epic. The new take on the Coldplay song “Beautiful World” is also pretty effective.

Jason BourneMatt Damon returns to the franchise that made him an action star. In the trailer, he does plenty of shooting, punching and general badassery.

Eddie the EaglePrepare for all the feels with this trailer about an outsider attempting to break into Olympic ski jumping, as well as reactions to the movie from some of the NFL’s heavy hitters, like Drew Brees and Russell Wilson.

The Jungle BookDisney has outdone themselves with a trailer hinting at a live-action take on the beloved animated movie offering high-wire action, some comedic chops from Bill Murray, and some familiar music that will warm your heart.