The Best, the Weirdest, and the Worst of the 2016 Super Bowl Commercials

Last night’s Super Bowl 50 (Feb. 7) may have been all about Beyoncé (and Beyoncé only), but that doesn’t mean we didn’t at least slightly enjoy the ridiculous product placement fanfare: i.e. those infamous Super Bowl commercials.

Here are all of the commercials that had Twitter abuzz last night:

Doritos “Ultrasound”:

Doritos’ 30-second “Ultrasound” commercial was one of the more bizarre ads of the night. It also started a greater conversation about abortion, from both pro- and anti-choice stances. NARAL Pro-Choice America, one of the nation’s leading abortion groups, slammed the ad for being what they saw as “anti-choice,” because it “humaniz[ed a] fetus.” Others, however, saw it as a pro-abortion ad for alluding to a spontaneous abortion. All in all, this one left people thinking and tweeting “WTF.”

Audi “Commander”:

Audi left a lasting impression with their super touching and ingenious ad for the new and sleek R8. Set to a David Bowie soundtrack and featuring a retired astronaut looking for a new passion on the ground, the R8 ultimately fulfills all of his desires. The punchline: “Choosing the moon brings out the best in us.”

Heinz “Wiener Stampede”:

A hundred little dachshunds dressed up as wiener running through a field?? Sold, and not just because we’re partial to doxies. “Wiener Stampede,” starring the Heinz family, really does prove the point that ketchup + mustard + hotdogs = the perfect meal.

Mini USA “#DefyLabels”:

Mini’s commercial for defying labels was definitely our favorite of the night. Starring Serena Williams, Tony Hawk, T-Pain, Abby Wambach and many more, Mini’s commercial powerfully makes the point that we don’t need others to define us. With attitude, of course.

NFL “Super Bowl Babies Choir”:

The NFL’s commercial celebrating the Super Bowl babies was all the feels. Set to Seal’s classic “Kiss from a Rose,” and featuring a whole lot of pride for #babies and #football, how could we not feel sentimental about this one?


Mountain Dew “Puppymonkeybaby”:

This is one of those guilty pleasure likes. “Puppymonkeybaby” sure is one of the weirdest, more unsettling creations to have ever been dreamt up (under the influence of what, we’re not quite sure. Could be anything…), but the song and dance sure were convincing.

Budweiser “#GiveADamn”:

Queen Helen Mirren tells us like it is, with no lies told. We don’t need Ms. Flawless telling us twice to drink responsibly and “give a damn” about ourselves and others after watching her PSA. The highlight is definitely Mirren telling folks that drunk drivers are oxygen-wasting cowards whose brains would be rejected if donated to science. Always and forever classy, that Mirren.

Hyundai “First Date”:

Kevin Hart is the best worst overprotective father in this car commercial. “A dad’s gotta do what a dad’s gotta do,” ya know? “#StartStunning”:

Featuring the cuties of Kung Fu Panda 2,’s cute commercial starring Po the panda parodies successful Super Bowl commercials of the past.

T-Mobile “Drop the Balls”:

Steve Harvey pokes fun of his disappointing Miss Universe blunder in this commercial for T-Mobile. Getting to blame Verizon for #Ballogize, Harvey has officially come full circle with his career by mocking himself, hopefully once and for all,

T-Mobile “Restricted Bling”:

T-Mobile also won with this commercial starring Drake, in which the rapper seriously hits peak dorkiness. But hey, at least we get to see Drake act and sing “Hotline Bling.”

Honda “A New Truck to Love”:

A group of sheep sing Queen karaoke, and it’s less freaky and more adorable than you might expect. Of course, it ends with the herding dog narrating the commercial, which is also unapologetically adorable.

Paypal “New Money”: 

Paypal’s ad for “new money in town” surprised us, but really spoke to us *millennials* at the same time. It was punchy, it was creative, it was inspiring (to make that paper), and we’ve gotta hand it to them for convincing us that “old money” truly is a thing of the past:

Pokémon “#Pokémon20″:

Holy shit, Pokémon is turning twenty?! We officially feel super old.

Skittles “The Portrait”:

We stupidly lol’d at this skittles commercial starring Steven Tyler, in which he gets his singing portrait made out of the colorful cavity-producers. “Dream on,” and rock the rainbow, people.

Amazon Echo “#BaldwinBowl Party”:

Missy Elliott is the real star of Amazon’s A-list commercial, also with Alec Baldwin, Jason Schwartzman and more, because it features her newest single “Pep Rally.” It’s no “WTF,” but it’s still 100% solid Missy.

See all of the Super Bowl 50 commercials here.