EXCLUSIVE: T.J. Miller Chats About His Shock Top Super Bowl Ad and Living in the Moment

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The actor shares his beer-soaked wisdom.

“I’m never going to play football. My mother wouldn’t let me because it would hurt my knees. But she did let me do comedy because it’s much easier on my legs,” said comedian/actor T.J. Miller after a long day of reviewing Super Bowl commercials.

Miller made an appearance in Sunday’s NFL proceedings as well, trading insults with the Shock Top beer tap in the beverage’s ad. Although the commercial was not improvisation, the 30-second ad is Miller’s brand of ruthless, honest comedy to a T.

“It’s a more dangerous time to be blunt and honest…I’m too nihilistic to give much of shit. I think all of this is meaningless and life is fairly tragic, so that’s why I’m a comedian.”

The actor, who adds his comedic charms to Deadpool, which arrives in theaters this weekend, isn’t a sports fan per se, so he gets that when millions of folks turn on the Super Bowl, maybe half don’t care who wins or loses, they plan to eat good food and enjoy the commercials.

“It’s all in these very small bite-sized pieces of content, so it forces these companies to find the most creative agency. Go with the most creative and best idea. Execute that idea in a great way. Assemble that thing and package it in a way that people will respond to.”

To that end, Miller and Shock Top succeed on several levels, relying on a casual, simplified format instead of bombarding audiences with eye candy.

Because T.J. reviewed all the Super Bowl ads, he also spoke highly of Helen Mirren’s Budweiser ad calling out drunk drivers. But the funnyman also mentioned something not often discussed in this P.C. era: embracing the moment without fear.

“What beer is representative of, is very much living in the now.”

In a sense, his and Mirren’s commercials go hand in hand, advocating enjoying life, having a sense of humor about yourself, and understanding responsibility.

“Don’t be a person that won’t have a great night,” said Miller. “Don’t fear your mortality so much that all you focus on is living longer and not living all.”