Missy Elliot Celebrates the 1 Year Anniversary of Her Comeback with a ‘Pep Rally’

Missy Elliot Was Washing Her Dogs When ‘WTF’ Blew Up
Hip hop superstar, Missy Elliot, had the whole world talking when she dropped her comeback single, “WTF” with a trademark trendsetting music video

“And yeah we get crackin’ like we up at the Super Bowl”

It’s been one year since Missy Elliot killed the Super Bowl half-time show. Since then Missy has released a steady stream of party songs, but she couldn’t let the one year anniversary of her official come back go by without something special.

Right before Beyonce came and stole the show, Missy reminded dropped, “Pep Rally,” a single that made us almost wish Bey and Missy were set to perform.

Launch the vidoe up top to hear Missy’s new single.

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