Brie Larson: I Worried That I Was ‘Unlovable’

Brie Larson on Her Newfound Fame: I’m ‘Totally Outside of My Comfort Zone’
The Golden Globe-winner talked about overnight success in Hollywood.

The Room actress opened up about the dark and troubling emotions she faced to convey for her award-winning performance.

Brie Larson attended the Oscar Nominee Luncheon on Monday (February 8, 2016) where she discussed her insecurities about her acting ability, as well as her deepest fears.

“Well as I’ve gone further and further into trying to refine what being an artist means to me, I’ve realized that I’ve used it as this tool to connect,” she told Fox News. “I was always really afraid of the things that were inside of me, and I was always deeply worried that I was unlovable, and that I wasn’t normal, and that the world was going to be this scary, hard place.”

Larson has won a Golden Globe and a SAG award for her depiction of a mother who escapes from confinement with her son. She said she began incorporating those deep-seeded thoughts in her acting, and began to get encouraging feedback.

“I started taking those questions and putting them into the movies I was making. I found every time I did that, whether it was a comedy or a drama, I would get this response back from people saying, ‘I feel like that, too.’”

The actress also talked about the inspiring process of working with Jacob Tremblay, the nine-year-old boy who portrays her son in the film.

“I’m a better person for knowing him and working with him,” she said. “I got to go through this experience, really shot through the stratosphere with him. His perception of the world– that innocence, that lightness that he brings to movies– it’s the same thing he brings to actual life.”