Kanye West Announces New Album Title, Everyone Thinks It’s About Poop

After much back-and-forth, Kanye West has finally settled on a name for his new album.

The rapper, who was previously naming his seventh studio album So Help Me God before changing it to SWISH then Waves, has announced that his upcoming LP will be titled T.L.O.P. Though West hasn’t specified exactly what the acronym stands for, he is offering tickets to his fashion show and a pair of his much-coveted Yeezy Boosts if someone can figure out its true meaning.

Needless to say, Twitter has become flooded with responses — most of which contains “poop” given the latest revelation that West may or may not be a #FingersInTheBootyBitch.

And here are our guesses (because we’d like a pair of Yeezys, too).

  • To Love One Person
  • Too Little of Peace
  • This Life of Power
  • To Leave Out Prayers
  • Time Leaves Out People
  • The Love of Pancakes
  • Title Left Out Purposefully