WATCH: Billy Zane Still Gets Called ‘the A—hole from ‘Titanic’’

The actor continues to get called names for trying to keep Jack and Rose apart!

Billy Zane sat down The Huffington Post, to chat about his new projects and the conversation quickly turned to his most famous roles.

“You either get people telling me to put a cork in it or I’m told I’m a cool dude, and as long as the ratio is pretty equal, I’m pretty happy,” the actor said of the two Zoolander references. “It’s refreshing as opposed to being told ‘You’re the asshole from Titanic.’ That one I get a lot which is really nice. Nice to meet people that way.”

Although the 49-year-old actor wasn’t the hero of the 11-time Oscar-winning film, he has no problem chatting about his time on the iconic production.

“Do I ever mind being part of one of the biggest films of all time? Does it ever become a burden? Oh, yes, oh, druther,” he kidded. “I’m so honored and flattered to have just been on that ride and for something that was such a mad calling card, unilaterally at a time when the delivery systems were still a bit archaic.”

When asked how he felt about the enduring fandom for the 1997 film, Zane said that no one expected Titanic to make the impact it did.

“We knew we were making a good film, but we didn’t know we were being buoyed by the zeitgeist, pardon the pun, and tapping into a vein of the moment that I think really required catharsis for whatever reason.”

The actor will be appearing in Mad Dogs on Amazon, out now, and the new comedy Zoolander 2, arriving this weekend.