WATCH: ‘Ellen’ Offers Exclusive First Look at ‘Fuller House’ Trailer

REPORT: Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen Could Guest Star on ‘Fuller House’ Season 2
Michelle Tanner might come visit on season 2 of Fuller House!

Nostalgia overload!

Candace Cameron-Bure, Andrea Barber and Jodie Sweetin paid a visit to Ellen DeGeneres talk show to chat about recreating the show that put them all in the spotlight in the ‘90s and the soon-to-be-released reboot.

The three actresses chatted about Bitmoji, having their kids on set, and the exciting, surreal experience of returning to their beloved sitcom roles. But they also brought a gift: Fuller House’s first full trailer!

The trailer incorporates the all-too-familiar theme song, as well as some of Full House’s most quotable one-liners like “How rude!” and “Cut it out!” The show looks as though it plans to balance the challenges of parenthood with the silly family-friendly comedy that made the original series a runaway hit.

The show also looks like it might get a little self-referential. Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) turns to the family at one point and says, “Before we eat, I have something very important to say, okay? … Damn, we all still look good!”

During their visit, Ellen asked the trio if the Olsen twins would be making a guest appearance as the youngest Tanner, Michelle.

“I don’t know, the door’s open if they want to!” Cameron-Bure replied.

So there’s a chance… Fuller House debuts on Netflix on February 26. Check out the exclusive interview and promo above!