Love Is Dead: Jordin Sparks and Sage the Gemini Break Up

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It looks like Jordin Sparks and Sage the Gemini will be spending Valentine’s Day alone this year.

According to Us Weekly, the couple have called it quits only after 10 months of dating. Sparks, 26, and Sage the Gemini, 23, have also removed photos of one another from their social media accounts.

While neither parties have confirmed the exact reason behind the break up, Sage the Gemini did leave a cryptic message on Instagram back in December about struggling with jealousy in a relationship. (He also shared a shirtless selfie, though he insisted that it wasn’t “for female attention.”)

“Mentally and physically I am weak. I am seeing and feeling myself get weaker says the old me,” he wrote. “My imagination is a horrible place that I battle with in my relationship (being jealous) etc I say to myself maybe I should work out till I push evil thoughts out of me and ask God to shine light in the dark I’m fuckin myself up. I need to be a better man all the way around. So with that being said I will do so. Right now I’m actin like a bitch I’m makin bitch moves so I need to change that if I can get motivational words from you guys that would be amazing.”

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Sparks started dating the “Gas Pedal” rapper last year after splitting with Jason Derulo. At the time, the American Idol alum called her beau “a really good guy” after sharing a few PDA photos of the emcee.

“I think they’re pretty obvious. We’re having fun,” Sparks told People. “He’s a really good guy, and the pictures speak for themselves … I don’t just kiss people!”