Kim Kardashian Has a Secret Snapchat Account She Uses to ‘Stalk People’

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Kim Kardashian is onto you.

While Kylie Jenner is the reigning queen of Snapchat as the user with the most followers, her sister prefers a more secretive approach to the social media app. As recently revealed in palJonathan Cheban‘s Snapchat story, Kardashian actually has a secret account she uses keep an eye on her friends and family.

“Jonathan told me that if I followed some of our friends and saw what they really do in their real life, wasted and acting so crazy, I would never be friends with them again,” the 35-year-old explains of why she decided to join the platform without letting anyone know. “So Jonathan walked me through how to open up a Snapchat in London. Kanye West was snoring in the bed right next to me, not really snoring, passed out. I couldn’t sleep so Jonathan opened up a Snapchat with me over the phone and I started following some friends.”

Last year, Kardashian sparked rumors that she was unofficially on Snapchat after sharing a photo of herself playing around with some of the apps’ signature filters on her Instagram. At the time, the mom-of-two assured fans that she didn’t have an account and was just “testing” it out.

Right, Kim. Right.

Testing out Snap Chat! The video is on my app! And nooooo i still don’t have a snap chat. Just testing is out 💕💞💓

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