TV Casting Update: Matt LeBlanc Headed Back to Primetime, Riley Smith Found the ‘Frequency’

Matt LeBlanc Confesses to ‘Dark Time’ After ‘Joey’ Cancellation
Matt LeBlanc, recently admitted that he nearly had a “nervous breakdown” after "Joey" was canceled in 2006.

Get caught up on all the latest TV casting news from Tinseltown! There’s new roles in the works for Riley Smith, Matt LeBlanc and Jermaine Fowler!

AMC’s Preacher is tapping Jackie Earl Haley to join the comic book adaptation for six episodes. He’ll play Odin Quincannon, an iron-willed slaughterhouse owner who squares off against Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper) a Texas preacher who has lost his faith and afterwards, discovers God has abandoned his duties in heaven, and aims to track him down. [The Hollywood Reporter]

CBS has taken on Jermaine Fowler for their multi-camera comedy Superior Donuts. Fowler will play Franco, an energetic new employee at a beloved donut shop. As the neighborhood slowly becomes gentrified, Fowler is determined to help the shop get up to date. [Variety]

Matt LeBlanc may be appearing on Showtime’s Episodes and the BBC’s Top Gear, but that doesn’t appear to be enough for the funnyman. He’s set to star in a pilot for CBS called I’m Not Your Friend. Hard to ignore the glaring titular counterpoint to Friends, LeBlanc’s last regular stint on network TV. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Riley Smith, known for his roles in Nashville and True Blood, has been cast in the Frequency TV reboot. The new show, based on the 2000 feature film, will center on a female detective in 2016 who discovers she can speak through a ham radio with her estranged father, who died in 1996. Together, they attempted to solve a murder case, but soon unintended consequences from the “butterfly effect” cause problems in the present day. [The Wrap]