15 #FACTS We Learned About Kanye West from His GOOD Friday Singles

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This Is What Kanye West Should Name His Album
...According to Kim Kardashian's Twitter poll

The slow unveiling of Kanye West’s new album has been quite the learning process for us all.

We’re getting to know the real Ye—the indecisive Ye, who needed to poll his wife’s 40.1 million Twitter followers on every iteration of his album’s title ever. We learned that handwriting isn’t his strong suit and that he has limits on foreplay. We’ve also been blessed with the opportunity to listen to three tracks from the compilation made possible by dead people prior to its release by the grace of GOOD Fridays, West’s weekly(ish) unveiling of his new music.

The lyrics of “Facts”, “Real Friends” and “No More Parties” provide insight into the mind of the most innovative cultural figure of all time life. We called upon psychologists, poets, and unicorns decrypt his verses to round-up 15 #FACTS that we learned about Kanye West through his GOOD Friday singles, ahead of his album’s mega-release.

1. He’s still secretly feeling that #AllDisrespectToJimmyKimmel shade. [“Facts“]

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2. He has a hard time choosing furniture (and album names). [“Facts“]


3. He’s still planning to run for president in 2020. [“Facts“]

2015 MTV Video Music Awards - Fixed Show
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4. He’s learned that church ≠ open bar. [“Real Friends“]


5. He still values the old rules of chivalry over those of modern love. [“Real Friends“]

Kanye West Stops By His Office
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6. He’s age blind. [“Real Friends“]


7. Everything > this scenario: [“Real Friends“]

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Head To The Office
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8. This happened. [“Real Friends“]


9. He’s still not over it. [“Real Friends“]

Kanye West Arrives At LAX Airport
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10. He’s not a great baseball player. [“No More Parties” feat. Kendrick Lamar]

Kim Kardashian & Kanye Make A Christmas Eve Salon Trip
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11. He has a favorite Spice Girl. [“No More Parties“]

The Spice Girls News Conference - O2 Arena
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12. He might just be a #FingersInTheBootyAssBitch. [“No More Parties“]

Amber Rose Spotted At A Liquor Store
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13. Saint is destined for greatness by the transitive property. [“No More Parties“]

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14. He appreciates irony. [“No More Parties“]

Kanye West Looks Dapper In Manchester
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15. He’s thinking what everyone else is thinking about his in-laws. [“No More Parties“]



16. Turbo Thots [“No More Parties“]

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