WATCH: Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult Fall in (Forbidden) Love in ‘Equals’

Kristen Stewart’s new movie Equals, co-starring Nicholas Hoult, looks like it’s going to be beautifully sad.

Set in a futuristic, sterile, emotionless society where falling in love is not only said to be impossible, but forbidden, Stewart and Hoult’s characters Nia and Silas defy the odds and risk everything to feel something for each other.

Judging by the first trailer, we already know this Drake Doremus-directed science-fiction romance is likely going to end depressingly.

As we previously reported in September, Nia and Silas “play members of a futuristic ‘collective of subordinates who no longer have the ability to feel emotions. However, Stewart and Hoult’s characters Nia and Silas start to slowly develop SOS, ‘Switched On Syndrome, in which they slowly begin to develop feelings, such as love and sadness. They fall in love – a powerful first love – and must hide and suppress it, or else be sent to a rehabilitation center as ‘defects,’ which ultimately would end in their death.” Read more about what K-Stew has to say about the film here.

Watch the trailer, finally released by A24 today (Feb. 11), in the video above.

Equals is set for a summer release.